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Random Insanity

27 April
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Date Created:2004-07-21
Number of Posts: 34

PSV (as she's known to her friends) is an avid writer and bookworm. Living in the land of rain, Wales, she can be quite cynical at times, but she means well, honestly. PSV lives with her parents, but also has two elder brothers. This means (with her being the only daughter, and youngest child) that the PSV is rather spoilt, and knows how to get her own way. Happiest when she's writing, or watching Buffy/Angel, the PSV is dependant on her computer. Films are another of the PSV's many obsessions.
Strengths: Intelligent and quick witted, with an insult for any foe, the PSV *knows* when she's better than someone else. PSV's are fiercely loyal - your enemies are her enemies. She's also an excellent shoulder to cry on, and displays good leadership skills in a crisis. Her pen is definitely mightier than her sword, although that hurts too. The PSV is also good at getting people's attention, and uses her charm and charisma to ensure people do what she wants. PSV is also a smooth talker, and can calm down most situations easily.
Weaknesses: PSV's are prone to wild mood swings, mostly because she knows she's a walking, talking contradiction. Nagging, smothering, bothering or trying to sell the PSV insurance policies is a sure-fire way to piss the PSV off. Not recommended. A PSV is highly aggressive to those who invade her inner sanctums - she's highly territorial. You have been warned. Life's luxuries will *always* appeal to PSV's, and they are highly materialistic. She can be bribed. PSV's have volatile tempers.
Special Skills: Quick Wit. High Intelligence. Pure Celtic Lineage. Celtic Temper - Useful in Arguments. Huge Vocabulary. Acting Skills in Abundance. Guarded. Good Leader. Insanity - Also Good in Arguments. Kick-ass Writing Skills
Weapons: Sharp Wit. Very Sharp Nails. Dazzling Hair. Loud Scream.
Motto: We're British. We don't kiss or have sex. We have a snog and a shag instead.

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